Sam4s NR520

Ideally suited for sites where both a printed receipt and real-time printed audit roll is required. With a bright, user-friendly alphanumeric display and rapid printing thermal printers, operation is fast, quiet and efficient. Numerous other features also help to make this till hugely beneficial to restaurants, cafés and other similar small retail outlets. Such functionality includes the handy training mode and Mix & Match “BOGOF” function. Suitable for use with Honeywell Voyager barcode scanners. Programming available on request.

  • Description


Product features

  • Dimensions 366(H) x 400(W) x 460(D)mm
  • Supplier Model Number NR-520
  • Voltage 230V
  • Warranty 1 Year
  • Weight 11.5kg
  • Colour Black
  • Twin station thermal printer which provides an ongoing journal
  • Multi Line Operator display & 2 line customer display
  • Up to 6,000 PLUs with up to 99 Group Totals & up to 99 Clerks/Cashiers
  • 12 Direct sales buttons, for fast moving lines, or open prices
  • 2 x Serial Ports & 1 x Type A & 1 x Type B USB Port provide connection to various devices including; Kitchen Printer, Bar Code Scanner, Computer, Scales & Remote Pole Display
  • Graphic logos with 20 pre-loaded images
  • Automatic tax computation up to 4 rates
  • Not found PLU with creation on Sales mode
  • Overlapping cashiers – multiple operation on same machine
  • Quick help function in sales mode
  • Training mode & cancel sale function
  • Secure SD port to save/load program and upload graphic logos