Software Solutions

We have Software Solutions for all your business needs

It is vital that software enhances your business with the tools you need for point of sale, back office, hand held technology and security. We have all those solutions for you. We will install, configure and train you ensuring your software has all the features you need but yet keep things simple and intuitive. Below are the 3 main areas software is required. Of course Point Of Sale, is where sales are made. This needs to be easily configured, secure and managed without being at the business. Back-Office allows till maintenance, reporting and security. There are many other add-ons we can assist you with to ensure you have the exact tools you need.

Point Of Sale



Handheld Software

Vectron Packages for above scenarios

We can supply you with many solutions from Vectron. From PC Epos Systems to Handhelds, your system will be pre-loaded with state of the art flagship software from Vectron. It is effortless, reliable, proven and cutting edge. Suitable in both hospitality and retail with many features to ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently. It can offer unrivalry flexibility and opportunities to customise

Other features include: Commander (Back office), Journal, Stock Control and full back office functionality ensuring you can run your business without actually being there

  • Commander

    Vectron Commander is the central communication software for the Vectron POS tills. It connects to all branch POS systems and provides simplified data management, automated data transfer and data evaluation. It offers comprehensive information with a minimum of effort. Changes to PLU data are conveniently completed on the central PC and can be transferred to one individual POS system or any group of POS systems. This guarantees that all POS systems work with the same data whilst requiring only a minimum of administration. The Vectron Commander software provides among others the basis for extensive analyses and reports. POS system data is read out via the Commander and for example forwarded to special back office programs. The current version now uses an interface to Microsoft Excel 2007 to process the data to clear tables including graphic diagrams. You can further process the tables and diagrams according to your demands.

  • Journal

    Vectron Journal Tool: evaluating, archiving and analyzing pos data

    The Vectron Journal Tool is a tool for evaluating, archiving and analyzing the POS system journal data that was read out by means of the Vectron Commander. Companies of all trades profit in the same way from the numerous functions. All the sales transactions and activities are displayed in detail. The tool detects and displays the respective transactions for each receipt (e.g. temporary invoice, split receipt, invoice). You can install the software on commercial PCs, using a Microsoft-SQL database.

  • Point Of Sale

    Vectron Point Of Sale will be preloaded onto the hardware of your choice. The software is packed with features and customisation allowing any function for any working environment possible, but keeping things simple for the user. There are many secure functions allowing you to customise what staff can do and have complete visibility of their actions. Table Planners, Modifiers, Multiple Security levels, graphical buttons for navigation, prompts for upsell opportunities and much more. We can network multiple machines allowing seamless operation with full reporting available locally on the software

  • Vecron Apps

    Mobile Cashing for optimum use of staff resources

    Robust special hardware for hospitality and modern POS Apps: Taking payments on a mobile device with a mobile reduces walking distances, optimizes working routines and minimizes personnel placement.

    • Works offline
    • 100 % tax office-compliant
    • Mixed networks possible
    • Improves the service
    • Increases sales

    Taking payments on a mobile device offers numerous advantages indoor and outdoor. Our POS systems send all the orders directly to kitchen or counter printers; this avoids jams on stationary devices at peak times. At the same time it reduces the waiting time for guests as the orders are already processed while the waiter serves other tables. When using a mobile belt printer, the invoicing takes place directly at the table. Thanks to the mobile systems, the staff can save a lot of walking during the whole service process. One waiter can serve more guests so that less personnel is required – an important benefit in times of staff shortage.

    The guests are being served faster, which increases the customer satisfaction and generates higher turnover through additional sales. Furthermore it guarantees that all the orders are booked and invoiced

    Intuitive POS App

    An existing Vectron POS network can be completed with the intuitive POS App for mobile iOS and Android devices. The MobileApp is so easy to operate that users can handle all the functions within a few minutes.